Dodd's farm services & supplies

Condition of Sales,returns  & Services

1.Terms of Service contracted

A) All services are contracted as agreed to the client as in terms stated on quotes,the prices quoted are subject to change at anytime without notice.

B) Any changes to the contracted services will take 30 days to take effect upon this the new terms will be issued.

C) Customers are required to give a minimum 45 days notice to terminate farm services contract,failure to do so will result in you still being charged for the period of time that a sub contractor staff member would have been present.

D) Upon termination of agreement the customer must settle the account immediately this includes any late charges, failure to do so will result in legal action or sold to a debt agency where you are likely to result in higher charges being applied.

2.Terms of Payment

A) All goods must be paid for prior to being despatched wether uk or abroad this can be done by phone,card,online or Bacs .

B) The purchaser accepts that the contract is formed by the order and that payment is due on the 20th day of the month of invoice, if a business account or via paypal & google checkout and accepts the right of the company to charge interest at the rate of 8.75% per day on extended terms of payment and overdue accounts.

C) While any account of a customer is overdue the company may withhold or suspend performance of any contractual obligation to such customer.

D) All discounts are subject to payment on time this includes the 1% loyalty discount which will be revoked if payment is late,so full invoice amount will be due.

E) We will charge a late fee plus compensation charge per invoice outstanding,after 2days  this will be charged at 8.75% daily of outstanding balance,failing to pay charges will result in legal action being taken against you or your company in which “My Credit Controllers Ltd” will take over to recover on our behalf & the customer is liable for all charges made.

F) cheque payments will be charged a £3 fee,bacs payments are free,PayPal could be subject to a 2.75% charge, card payments via iZettle are free over payments of £10. iZettle invoices are due as the date given on invoice to pay failing payment will result in “terms 2 clause E“ being active.



a) Until payment has been made to the company for the full contract price, the goods, including the price for installation or other work (if any) to be done by the company, the property in such goods shall not pass to the customer.

b) In case of default in full payment by the customer after delivery of the goods the company may give notice to the customer terminating the customer's right to possession where upon the customer shall be bound at the customer's own expense to redeliver the goods to the company.

c) In all such cases the company may (with or without previous notice) itself retake possession of the goods and the company is in such circumstances irrevocably authorised by the customer to enter the premises on which such goods are situated and to dismantle and remove the goods at the customer's expense causing as little damage as possible but not being obligated to repair such damage.


All prices are subject to alteration without notice. If during the contract and delivery terms there be any increase in the cost of labour and/or materials required in connection with or for the purpose of such contract over the cost of such labour and/or materials prevailing at the date of acceptance, such net increase of cost shall be added to the contract price and payable by the customer. All prices are including vat.delivery charges may be applied from suppliers


Case pallets or metal containers will be charged, unless returned, carriage paid, in good condition within one month from the date of invoice unless otherwise agreed.

All products will be sufficiently packaged to ensure safe delivery of the products.

6.Risk, Damage and Loss in transit 

A) - Risk to the goods will pass to the customer upon: Delivery of the goods to the customer's premises or collection Or customer has diverted parcels to alternative addresses .

B) - The customer must inform us within two (2) days of the date passing of risk pursuant to clause

C) - The customer is responsible for providing the right delivery address including postcodes, we accept no responsablity for wrong delivery addresses, if postal codes are wrong as our couriers find by postcodes on parcels, or if continental addresses must be confirmed by ''You" the customer, 

D) - above if a claim for damage, loss in transit, or non delivery of any of the goods is to be made and must follow up such notification with a written confirmation within a further 2 days. In respect of the customer's obligations hereunder time shall be of the essence. 

7. Returned Goods 14 day policy 

All the goods correctly supplied in accordance with customer's order but which are subsequently returned will only be credited provided that:

a) The goods are in resaleable condition.
b) The goods must be accompanied by a packing note stating the reason for return and the invoice number against which the goods were invoiced.
c) The cost of an outward carriage, is payable by the customer and a handling charge will be payable by the customer when the goods are exchanged or returned which is charged at 15% of the net invoice value of the returned goods, excluding carriage 
d) The company does not offer a free returns services.Returns are at customers cost not the company , Returns must be sent tracked or courier the company will not refund lost in transit returns.
e) The carriage will not be credited of any invoice,only the goods.
f) Mobile phones are excluded from the 14 day return policy.
g) 14 days from invoice date to return goods, which must be in original unopened packaging

h) any goods returned from abroad due to not being collected or received after failed attempts to deliver by the courier will be charged for the return charges back to UK & further charges are payable to resend, if goods are sent direct from suppliers then any charges will be deducted from credits for restocking,handling fees etc.

8. Description

Whilst every endeavour has been made to ensure that the goods are accurately described and believed to be fit for the purpose as mentioned in our catalogue, no warranty or representation to this effect is given and no responsibility will be accepted in the event of any error or mis-description of any such unfitness, or any damage relating therefrom. All images for illustrative purposes only.

9. Delivery or Orders by Schedule

Orders on which deliveries are to be made at a scheduled rate are accepted on the following conditions:-

a) No delay of delivery can be taken as agreed unless the customer has received our written consent.
b) Delay of any delivery beyond two months from the date originally agreed will not be accepted.
c) At least 14 days notice must be given of any intention to delay deliveries.
d) Where we agree to a delay of delivery at customer's request we reserve the right to adjust the prices, if we find this necessary, and to make a charge for any extra costs incurred because of the delay.
e) Each delivery shall constitute a separate transaction.
f) Quantities delivered in each time period in the schedule will be subject to a tolerance in advance between the company and the customer.

10. Delivery Quotation

Any date quoted for despatch is subject to stock remaining unsold upon receipt of the customer's written order to proceed together with all necessary information and documents. Should we be delayed in or prevented from delivering the whole or any part of the goods ordered by reason of any strike, lock-out, stoppage of work, epidemics, riot, war, civil commotion, defective materials, shortage of supplies or by reason of any cause whatsoever, the date of delivery shall be extended until the operation of the cause or causes preventing the delivery has ceased. Whilst every effort will be made to estimate quoted delivery dates accurately they are not to be construed as forming part of the terms of the contract.

11. Antibiotics use on farms

A) All farms are liable to make sure that any animal treated is separated from the herds/flocks.

B) If Treated animals are running with herd/flock they must be clearly taped to be seen.

C) All animals are recorded in medicine records & is available easily to staff

D) All animals are clearly taped with red tape on legs & tails, spray marker on the udders or legs is not acceptable if this is done, we accept no liability for antibiotic failures to food chain ie- bulk tanks or meat .

E) A antibiotic form will need to be signed by the farm to acknowledge that they agree to the terms of the clear identification of the treated animals & when the animal is safe to enter the food chain supply again.Failure to sign will result in no services being contracted until this is resolved.

12.Staff & Subcontractors

A) Any staff is subconracted to Dodd's Farm Services & Supplies, therefore all payments will be collected by us & all work is contracted by ourselves.


a) if any customers have COVID-19 virus & fail to tell staff which then contracts it from the contracted farm, may be liable to a charge for causing staff to lose wages due to having to isolate for 14days

b) we will also notifiy our farms if we have symptoms & need to isolate to protect us, our families & yours 


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